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Do you love to sing? Would you like to carry a tune better? Are you hooked on Karaoke and want to improve your performing skills? Want to sing like a pro? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you need to Voicercise! Taught by professional singer, Beverly Bremers, you can learn it all and have fun doing it! There are several ways you can improve your singing:

Purchase Beverly's instructional CD "Voicercise: "Basic Training For Singers" and Bev's Breathing Belt

Take classes with Beverly in Orange County, California Take private lessons with Beverly in Orange County, California Any method you choose will help you learn proper breathing, improve your pitch, rhythm, and articulation, increase your vocal range, focus, and confidence, and equip you with the ability to sing with ease and style.


Whether you're an aspiring recording artist, Karaoke enthusiast, or just love to sing in the shower, this instructional CD will teach you the important techniques needed to sing correctly to reduce the likelihood of hoarseness and tired throat, and help you improve your breath support, range, strength, stamina, and confidence. Practice with this CD every day and you'll be singing like a pro in no time To speed up the process of proper breathing, buy Bev's Breathing Belt too.

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Learn proper vocal technique and how to perform songs with confidence and style – all in one class! The 1st half of this fun workshop is devoted to group warm-ups, stressing proper breathing, articulation, focus, rhythm, harmony and pitch. The 2nd half concentrates on the art of the individual performance. Everyone gets their time to perform a song, accompanied by Karaoke tracks, pre-recorded tracks, or live instrument, learning how to personalize, stylize and sing with ease and confidence. Interested students can also learn the craft of songwriting and experience the joy of creating and performing their own compositions! Piano and audio equipment is provided. Class size is limited.

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If you live in the Orange County, CA area, you can meet with Beverly privately at her studio for one-on-one instruction. She will make every effort to arrange meetings around your schedule and budget. In just a short time, you will achieve great breath control, range, strength, stamina, style, and confidence. Bring a recording device to record your lessons.

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BEVERLY BREMERS has been an actress, singer, and songwriter all her life. She has starred in numerous theatrical productions, most notably, "Hair", and "The Me Nobody Knows" on Broadway, and "The Rocky Horror Show" at the Roxy in Los Angeles. She has recorded for RCA, CBS, and Scepter Records and is best known for her Top-20 million-seller, "Don't Say You Don't Remember" and her Top-40 hit, "We're Free". She has performed in clubs and concerts all over the country, including Reno Sweeney's in New York, The Palmer House in Chicago, and the Coconut Grove, Studio One, and the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Beverly has also appeared in many television commercials and movies, as well as on talk/variety shows such as "The Tonight Show", "Merv Griffin Show", "Mike Douglas Show", and "American Bandstand". Additionally, Beverly has been the recipient of several awards such as the OBIE for "The Me Nobody Knows", the L.A. Weekly Best Musical for "The Glitter Palace", the AGLA Image Award for "The Glitter Palace", The American Song Festival Best Song, and the Seoul International Song Festival Best Song, where she represented the United States as performer and composer. She is the proud member of AFTRA, SAG, and Equity. Beverly recently finished a year-long run starring in the hit show, "Menopause the Musical" at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles. Her CD, "Don't Say You Don't Remember Beverly Bremers" is available at,, itunes, and other online stores, as well as her website She is currently arranging singing engagements in a city near you!

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Here is a video of Beverly Bremers being interviewed about her singing and vocal training insights.