The Voice is the Instrument through which the Heart and Mind Communicate

Voice Over Training

From the basics needed to develop into a professional voice over actor to professional VO Workouts. Learn microphone technique, vocal warm-ups & techniques, copy interpretation & breakdown, and timing required for this fascinating and lucrative career. Beverly Bremers, a working voice over professional, will guide you through commercial, narration, and character styles and also give you tips on acting, marketing, identity, auditioning, demos, home studios, & dealing with nerves.

Singing & Vocal Training

Whether you're an aspiring recording artist, Karaoke enthusiast, or just love to sing in the shower, Bevelry will teach you the important techniques needed to sing correctly to reduce the likelihood of hoarseness and tired throat, and help you improve your breath support, range, strength, stamina, and confidence. Practice with this CD every day and you'll be singing like a pro in no time!

Songwriting Training

Anyone who has ever written a song (or tried to) knows how creative, rewarding, and complex songwriting can be. This course will help the aspiring composer and/or lyricist find the suitable tools to create exciting, well-crafted songs. Style, mood, structure, imagery, rhyme, rhythm, themes, and progressions are explored, as well as analyses of popular current and standard songs. Students share their own works, which will be evaluated and worked on in class and at home. It's fun, informative, creative, and very rewarding!

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